Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Nutrisystem: Here We Go! #NSNation

Disclaimer: I am being provided with Nutrisystem services in exchange for my honest views and opinions based on my own personal experiences with the system. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you! 

When I was young, I was this skinny little girl that didn't weigh very much and was a tiny little bean. I didn't expect to grow into this 6 foot tall, curvy woman that I became, but here I am and I honestly do not mind it!

When I was young.

Over the years I picked up a lot of weight, hitting about 280lb in my early (awkward) teens. I yo-yo'd a little through my 20s and in 2010 I did lose 50lbs that maintained and suited me well. Shortly after I lost that weight I got pregnant with my daughter Autumn (born in 2011), who was followed shortly after by her younger brother Bronson in 2013, as well.

My late teens were not great for weight, teeth or hair!

The weight that I had gained following both of those pregnancies never did head on out the door, and it probably actually got worse post-baby than when I was actually pregnant. The lack of sleep and rushed meals and lack of purposeful exercise certainly didn't help and here I am, in 2016, with a 5 year old, an almost 3 year old and absolutely no reason to blame my current body situation on babies!

At my slimmest in my adult life, around 2010.

In 2015 I hit my highest weight ever, at 300lbs even. I was miserable and distraught, but with so much going on in my life I had taken to doing less and moping about more and eating a good deal of ice-cream, while either binging on Netflix or sitting on my butt writing for my blog or other publications, while really not doing much purposeful exercise at all other than walking.

In 2016, I finally pulled myself out of a slump, and realized fully that I needed to be the one to take care of my self as well as everyone else around me. I did drop a couple of lbs since this revelation, but I still have a long way to go, which is where Nutrisystem comes into play.

My side profile in 2012.

At 298lbs it is time to finally do something life-long about my weight issues and to pull myself into some kind of shape that does not resemble that of a potato.

SO, what is the plan? Well, for starters, I have signed up with Nutrisystem for the next 3 months and will be following their plan, for which they will supply the meals throughout my day and I will gradually add exercise and meals of my own before going back to fully cooking for myself in the future. 

Me, in the pink, in 2016, with way too many chins!

I do not want to be thin, and realistically that is unlikely to actually ever happen anyway, but ideally I would like to eventually see myself at around a nice and even 220lbs. For my height, this weight looks good on me, and I haven't been down to 220lbs for as long as I can humanly remember, and so to get there would be an entirely great achievement. 

In the short term, over the next 3 months, I would like to see a couple of lbs a week evaporate into the ether, and then work on the rest of my goals as the year moves on. 

A face i'd like to gain back!

I really do not know how things will go with Nutrisystem, but I have started to clear space in my pantry, cabinets and freezer for my food and I have thrown out all my baggy, horrible clothes that I never want to see again. I have added the NuMi app (to track progress) and I am going to start as I mean to go on - following Nutrisystem to the letter and really give it my best shot

For more information on Nutrisystem, you can follow them on Twitter (#NSNation) and Facebook, as well as heading directly to their website, too. 

Everyone out there taking up Nutrisystem, I want to give you lots of good wishes and encouragement as well - please do get in touch, and we can do this together! On July 5th, I am on that train!

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Lisa said...

Good luck! Ive been on NS for a year and half now. I have lost 50 lbs. I hit that several months ago. I still do nutrisystem to stay maintained. I love it! Feel free to check out my Nutrisystem Journey tab on my blog! Best wishes!!!