Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Simple Bean and Veggie Crock Pot Stew!

I do so love having a crock pot, again, and so I put together an "everything in the fridge" type of stew just this last week before I went grocery shopping.

I seasoned up some potatoes, bok choy, carrots, celery, onions and pink beans and added some stock and just left it there to cook all day. A very basic meat-free, hearty bean and veggie stew that took almost zero effort at all and fed the entire family, plus leftovers to freeze down!

I enjoy the prep for meals like this and the cooking is so simple that you really can just get on with your day and not worry too much about it. I added pilaf to this dish on the side, but my daughter likes plain cous cous or quinoa and you can play around with it as you like - I also like to add a little hot sauce, but no one else in the house really likes that too much other than my step son and so I tend to use it at the table, rather than in the pot!

Quick, simple, easy and delicious! No need to slave over the stove, today!

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