Sunday, 5 June 2016

#TrainTogether with Cottonelle and Huggies Pull Ups at Sam's Club!

As a mother of several children, I have seen just about everything when it comes to potty training methods and accessories to make the experience fit the needs of each child, and to help their experience be as least traumatic (and as much fun) as I possibly can. 

It is now the turn of our youngest child, Bronson, to get his little butt out of regular diapers and onto a potty and since we purchased the potty a few weeks ago he has used it a couple of times and I am once again learning the ins and outs of what methods work best for him, just like his brothers and sister before him! 

One sure fire winner. when it comes to potty training, has always been Pull-Ups® Training Pants (in our house), but the last time we used them we were training a girl and so this time we've hopped back on the blue train, with cool boy designs for our little guy to roam around in. 

Sam’s Club® now have our Pull-Ups® in stores, in big packs, which makes it easy for me to pick up on a regular shopping trip and to get a good price at the same time. Sam's club ALSO have Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths in bulk, too, which are extremely useful to keep around the house for when Bronson needs them and to make this process with the potty training even easier than the with the Pull-Ups® Training Pants alone.

We were just in Sam’s Club® yesterday, picking up some Pull-Ups® this week and they are so adorable! I liked the price too (at just around $31) and the cost of the Cottonelle® was $14.83, making these the perfect couple to get the kids going on the potty and out of diapers for good!

Why not head over to Sam's Club and check the deals out for yourselves and get your little guy, or girl, potty training like a pro in no time?! You can learn more about a Sam's Club membership here! You can also head on over here to save $10 when you buy both aforementioned products, at Sam's!

Also - Enter for your chance to win, with Pull-Ups and Sam's Club for a chance to win a $500 sam's Club gift card, HERE

What are you waiting for! Ready? Potty! GO!

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Sinea said...

I just saw a video about this #TrainTogether plan - what an amazing job Huggies did. Parents will love the fun they can have with their children as they train "together!"
Sinea ♥