Monday, 11 July 2016

A Typical Day on Nutrisystem Turbo Take-Off (Day 7!)

Disclaimer: I was provided with products to use during the 3 months that I will be on Nutrisystem. All thoughts and opinions are my own, based on my own personal experiences. Your views may differ. Please consult a doctor before entering into any weight loss plan. Thank you. 

This is my last day on the Turbo Take-Off week of Nutrisystem. For the past 6 days I have stuck to breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 shakes and lots of vegetables with lots of water and maybe a cup of decaf coffee here or there. I did have 1 80 calorie greek yogurt last night, when I finally cracked, but I don't feel like that will make too much of a dent, and I don't think that you should completely deprive yourselves if you are truly hungry - just don't be eating a tray of cake (etc) and you'll do just great!

I would like to add that I do like a glass of wine or a beer and I have completely dropped alcohol for the Nutrisystem plan. I have not had alcohol in 10 days now, I have cut out all milk to my tea or coffee, I do not take caffeine in general anyway, and I try to avoid fizzy pop like the plague, so I am sure some of that helps, too. Find out what works for you and you are all set.

Before I share my results (tomorrow), I would like to show you this video of what a typical day on the Turbo Take-Off looks like. I did forget to add in the video that there is also an afternoon shake as well as a mid-morning shake, which is to keep you satisfied through the day when you aren't snacking or eating.

So, without further a-ado, here is what today will look like, for me! (Remember, you should include vegetables, too!).

If this video does not show, or play for you, then you can also find it directly, HERE. Thank you! 

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