Tuesday, 26 July 2016

End of Week 3 Nutrisystem Results.

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to form my own honest opinions. Your views, and results, may differ to mine. Thank you!

So! Here we are - week 3 is over and I have lost a tiny bit of weight this week and am now down to 283lbs! That is a total loss of 15lbs, which I am very satisfied with at this juncture.

I have been diligently following the Nutrisystem plan now since July 5th and I did have a significantly high loss in the first week on the Turbo Take-Off and was prepared for that number to be lower in the weeks that followed, which they have been - but steadily so.

I am very pleased with a pound or two a week as I know this is a long haul and not an overnight fix, which is why I decided to go with Nutrisystem in the first place - rapid weight loss is not particularly smart and I want long-term results that I can maintain, which is exactly what I am getting here as I learn exactly what I need to be eating to keep my body ticking over.

I have been incredibly unwell for part of this week, which is no fault of my own. It is that time of the month and so I expected that to maybe have an impact on this weeks results, but actually it seems that it didn't make too much of an impact in the grand scheme of things at all.

We went to the zoo on Sunday and I must have picked something up there from someone because I was feeling unwell from Sunday to Tuesday, which impacted my motivation and mood, but I still stuck to the plan and carried on with Nutrisystem without any bother because it isn't any extra hard work for me to cook up some veggies, warm up a dinner or grab something from the shelf-stable box and pop it in the oven.

I think my new favorite breakfast item this week has been the cinnamon roll, which was so hot, sticky and delicious with a cup of coffee that I would seriously eat those all day if that was a realistic possibility - I know!

I really enjoyed the burger I had earlier today, too, which tasted amazing and was extremely satisfying. It looked so tasty on the plate and my (youngest) children both wanted to eat it and I had to fight them off after letting them have a small bite each (sharing is caring).

I am starting to feel better, today, which means I should be able to resume some walking and exercise in general tomorrow. I usually am out all over town every day and always have something to do, but I haven't been out since I got sick Sunday, and am subsequently going a little stir-crazy!

I did take the children along to an all you can eat place, this week and I was very sensible and made the meal one of my flex meals. I followed the guide and had the grilled chicken, had them cut it down for me and make it a smaller portion. I loaded up on fresh veggies and did take on board 1 lonesome shrimp - it was battered and I am not about to lose my mojo over a pile of battered shrimp!

I will admit, I did take a tiny bite of a cheesecake and a bit of another dessert and that was about as far of a deviation as I got. I gave the desserts to the kids, who happily ate them for me instead, so win-win for us all. I also stuck to black coffee and water, so I didn't have to worry about all the added extras piling up in front of me.

I am very pleased with myself for not just diving in as a special treat and just the fact I can enjoy the food without limiting myself to a plate of cucumber, is fabulous. I really do love the way I can eat on Nutrisystem.

Week 4 is a go, right now, and I can't believe we've gotten here already. By the time I have my next update I will have been on this plan for a month and it doesn't feel like I have been on any kind of plan at all, it is that easy and I feel very rewarded for little effort on my part.

I look forward to updating you next week, but please feel free to get in touch if you are on Nutrisystem, too - I would love to hear from you. You can also follow #NSNation #NutrisystemSnaps and @Nutrisystem (as well as @GoBronson) across social media, too!

Until next week...

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