Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Nutrisystem - Week 2 Results!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem food in exchange for my honest opinions based on my own story and progress. Your views and experiences may differ. Thank you! 

Well here we are - the end of week 2 and the beginning of week 3. I can't believe how quickly these last 2 weeks have flown by.

I started out this week eating snacks instead of taking shakes and am no longer on the Turbo Take Off. My weight loss has slowed a little and that is exactly as expected, which is also a healthier speed at which to lose the weight.

I lost 3 more lbs this week, taking me down to 285.4lbs and that brings a total loss to ALMOST 13lbs! (12.6lbs to be exact), which is just so amazing that I can't describe it.

I have not been hungry at all this week, I have allowed myself to mix and match the foods and have tried a couple of flex meals, where I make the meals myself instead. I had lamb and vegetables for the one meal because I had been given a nice bit of lamb and I haven't had lamb in about 7 years, so I couldn't resist. I did stick to a very small portion, though and included everything I needed to make it a proper meal.

I have been following everything else pretty meticulously other than that and have included yogurt into breakfast or milk to a snack via a latte and so on, to get the things I need throughout the course of the day. I am making it work and I feel like I am constantly eating, too. I am really making the effort to keep on a time schedule with the food and putting in exercise and getting my daily dose of water as well.

All in all, I have had a great time trying out the foods and keep coming back to certain favorites like the waffles and pancakes, which I make with scrambled egg in the morning and which I have come to learn to love in smaller portions, which are actually now very satisfying.

I did come across one meal that I didn't like quite as much as the others, this week, which was the meatloaf and potato, but I think that might be because it was a little bland for my tastes. Once I added some non-salt seasoning of various spices, it tasted great, though, so it was totally redeemed and I couldn't really stay away!

I have been preparing foods the night before I need them and made sure to stick to the items i've picked out and not stand at my fridge trying to decide for hours the day of! The fact I just have to get up and go get what I want, without really thinking about it, is really helping - especially because I usually take forever to decide on anything at all, let alone food.

I am looking forward to getting into WEEK 3, so let the eating begin!

Check out all the delicious ways to enjoy Nutrisystem via #NSNation #NutrisystemSnaps and @Nutrisystem on Twitter, too! See you there! 


Lisa said...

Your doing great! The weight drops fast some weeks and slow some weeks but you got this! Dont give up. Dont over do it on excersise. Stay moderate. Great changes are coming your way. WTG

Go Bronson! said...

Thank you! :) And not to worry, I don't have enough hours in the day to overdo it on the exercise front, but I do know my limits even if I did, so I will definitely be careful :)