Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Nutrisystem, Week 2!

I was provided with products to try out Nutrisystem and all comments about the program are my own, based on my own experiences. Your views may differ from mine - Thank you!

This is week 2 of Nutrisystem and I feel like I won a war getting through week 1. It wasn't that the first week was hard, but it was definitely eye-opening in that I really and truly, very clearly, have not (before this) been taking in enough food throughout the day.

A typical side salad I would have on Nutrisystem.

The food that I would consume before Nutrisystem would be breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it wouldn't always happen that way and it would sometimes just be breakfast or dinner and it wouldn't include any snacks - I really am not a snacker and so this is something I have had to really be mindful of and to include those shakes through the day to keep my body ticking over.

I pushed myself to stay on an eating schedule of every 2.5 to 3 hours and that seems to have worked out well for us all seeing as I take my children for breakfast and lunch at certain times and so have managed to work it so that I either eat just before we leave or I box it up to eat with them while they eat, too!

One of the pasta meals from Nutrisystem.

I stuck to the plan, I ate my vegetables. I did sneak in 1 small cookie, but I don't feel like that is going to break the bank when it comes to my goals in their entirety. I didn't beat myself up about it and I actually quite enjoyed it - but definitely did not feel the need for more, which is great.

One KEY thing I would love to suggest, while on Nutrisystem, is to PLATE UP YOUR MEALS! Honestly, it is great having meals you can microwave but I don't own one and so I put all of my meals in the oven in bake-ware instead. It looks so delicious when it comes out of the oven and it really looks and feels like more of a meal than it does when it is presented in the packaging that it comes in. By simply plating up your meal, you forget that this is a plan and start to really feel the portions and enjoy the food without feeling at all restricted - it also looks fabulous to guests, too!

Loaded NS mashed potatoes, with added veg and coffee

I started off last week at a whopping 298lbs and I was not amused with that number, at all. I did as I was told and followed the Turbo Take Off plan for week 1 and I got in all my food, shakes and water and I stood on the scales yesterday to find them reading an AMAZING 288.4lbs!! That is an INCREDIBLE 9.6lbs loss in the first week - something I was not expecting, at all.

I wonder if it is because I have so much to lose that so much was lost in this first week, or if just really paying attention to what I eat and making sure my body is fueled through the day is just the best overall medicine for it. I have really enjoyed the simplicity of the meals, the ability to take lunch on the go and the fact that I just do not have to think about what I am making to eat except to add in vegetables, which I love anyway.

Even on paper plates, this food looks GREAT!

As week 2 has now kicked off, I am thinking harder about my snacks now that there are no shakes to suppliment that part of the day. I have been eating things like strawberries with fat-free cottage cheese and celery for a snack or salmon on wheat crackers for an alternative snack. I have had to bend my head around the idea of what a portion actually should look like and really push myself to reach for the snacks in the first place, but I have done it and I have tried hard to stick to a regular schedule to keep it going in the right direction, too.

A creamy chicken and pasta Nutrisystem entree, with a side salad.

Tomorrow is the farmers' market and I will be heading down there to pick up more delicious vegetables to get me through my meals. I have no problems with this at all as I can't get enough of them in the first place, so what a great reason to go and buy.

Here is my end of week 1 (starting week 2) photo, which I don't think really shows any progress, but I certainly feel a lot better within my own skin and have moved 1 notch on my belt already, which is probably where that entire 9.6lbs went!

I do not expect such a big loss in coming weeks, and I would be so thrilled with 1-3lbs lost per week every week until the end of the 3 months that I will be on this system. If that pans out, and I can stick to it (now that I am adding in snacks and all) then I look forward to seeing those slow, lasting results.

As we are on week 2 now, I have started to add in a 10 minute workout in the morning. I did a 10 minute upper body workout this morning at 5:45am and I was rearing to go afterwards! I really hope to be able to work up to more workouts and more time as the weeks progress and I hope to develop some life-long habits with eating on Nutrisystem and exercising as well!

Roll on week 2 for everyone on this journey with me, and all those looking to get on this train!

Find out more about Nutrisystem at their website and on Twitter and Facebook, as well as across social media with hashtags such as #NSNation and #Nutrisystemsnaps.

You can also check out my video, below, if you are thinking about taking up Nutrisystem and want to know what the first week might look like!


Until next week...


Jaclyn Anne said...

Way to go girl - 9.6 pounds is an amazing first week! Turbo Takeoff definitely lived up to its name!

Also, I am totally with you on the fact that the food looks better and feels like more of a meal (and less of a TV dinner) when you put it on a plate! Great tip!

Best of luck in the coming weeks. I will be sure to keep up with your progress!

Kate said...

Great it necessary to eat the snacks? I forget about them....I drink a lot of water because I have COPD so very often I am full.

Kate said...

Great it necessary to eat the snacks? I forget about them....I drink a lot of water because I have COPD so very often I am full.