Friday, 29 July 2016

SoCozy Salon Quality Hair Care Products to Make Your Routine a Well-Oiled Machine for Back to School!

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in exchange for my opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you! 

This is a line of salon-quality hair products from SoCozy, which contain none of the following harmful elements: 
  • parabens
  • sulfates
  • phthalates
  • synthetic color
  • propylene glycol
  • gluten
  • wheat 
  • nuts
I received some products from the Cinch collection, which make washing and styling for the kids easy and manageable in little time and with ease. My daughter especially loves the smell of these and was happy to have me wash and style her hair, which can be a real pain as she has slightly curly, dry hair and so sometimes products can make things worse than better and can sometimes leave her hair a little tangled mess. 

The 3in1 is perfect for someone like my daughter who likes to get things done on her own terms and sees 1 bottle for all jobs and thinks that she is going to be done and on with her life when you just show her this bottle instead of shampoo, conditioner and a separate wash! She will let me use other products from this line without arguments, though, mostly because they feel great on her hair and because they do smell quite nice! 

I really like the de-tangling spray from this line-up, which makes my daughter much less hesitant to let me brush her hair, now, and which (again) smells so nice that she is happy to have it following her around. 

There is also a lice scaring Boo! collection of products, which are extremely practical and a good tool to use when trying to keep those nasty little critters away from your child before they are able to take hold and cause an infestation. 

It has been years since I had to deal with lice with my children, but I do remember the days when my son began nursery back in 2010 (or so) and soon ended up with head lice. Those suckers traumatized me for life and I have always combed through everyone's hair in my home ever since.

My step son brought head lice over a couple of years back, which I assume he got from school, but thankfully, seeing as I have been so diligent over the years, we didn't catch them ourselves and for that I was very much grateful! 

I don't have an issue with head lice on a personal level, they can survive as best they can, wherever they want to try, just not on my children as they are just so darn pesky and my daughter has a heck of a lot of hair - thankfully we've not had to deal with her getting anything like that, yet, and I am so happy to be using these SoCozy Boo! products to try and make sure it stays that way! 

I think that the Boo! collection is by far a top place to start if you are worried about head lice as the kids go back to school in a few weeks.You can work to keep them at bay, while simultaneously keeping your kids' hair well kempt and with a light fragrance, too. 

The BOO! collection is not going to thoroughly treat the occurrence of head lice, but it will prevent them from wanting to enter the hair in the first place, and prevention is usually key rather than getting them in the first place, at all! 

I love the look of these bottles, but the product inside of them is top-notch and great quality, too. My daughter loves them and is even letting me brush her hair even more now that we have the de-tangler that I mentioned earlier. 

These products are available at SoCozy website as well as Target, CVS and a few other places, which you can learn more about, online, too. 

You can also find SoCozy on social media at places like Twitter and Facebook if you would like to learn more, and keep up to date with new products, while checking out the current ones. 

I have found our bathing routine to be fun and fragrant for everyone this past week and a joyful, tear-less experience for all. So can you! - do let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a wonderful, shiny, day! 

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