Sunday, 31 July 2016

Upgrade the kids with a new LGK3 phone (on Boost Mobile), just in time to go back to school!

Disclaimer:: I was given items to review in return for my honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine, thank you. 

Back to school is on the way and it is time to think about furnishing the older children with a new mobile phone and [his year] you can get a lot for your money in this LGK3 phone on Boost Mobile.

The LGK3 phone is lightweight, small, has a 4.5 inch touch screen, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a front and back facing camera, 8GB ROM and is compatible with up to 32 GB of microSDHC (not included) and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 1,1GHz Quad Core Processor.

There is plenty of room on board to download apps like facebook or twitter, plus of course Pokemon Go to stay up to date with all the other kids in school already playing the game! Your child can stay in the know and you can get in touch with them to make sure they arrived at school safely, or need a ride home. It is win-win!

There is also a bonus to going with Boost Mobile right now, too, as you can gain more data with their Growing Data Plans. What this means for you is that you can earn up to 3GB of extra high-speed data for your monthly plan just by making your payments in a timely manner.

Boost Mobile Growing Data Plans are available on the $35 Unlimited and $45 Unlimited plans, or there is also a convenient plan that costs $60 a month for unlimited high-speed data.

If you are interested in Boost Mobile's Growing Data Plans already, then you will be happy to know that with each Auto-Reboost you will also receive a nifty $5 discount on your current Boost Mobile plan once you have enrolled (in Auto Reboost) to pay automatically via card or bank account every month.

But wait, there is even more! Every third on-time payment earns an extra 500MB of high-speed data - Customers can earn up to 3GB of high-speed data after 18 on-time payments. After 18 on-time payments, customers on the $35 plan will get 5GB of high-speed data (8GB of high-speed data if you are on the $45 plan).

Did you also know that you can use your phone as a free mobile hot-spot now on all plans with Boost Mobile, where you can turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hub for up to 10 devices? Great for playing and great for sharing.

You can even have unlimited streaming of music without it affecting your high-speed data allotment, either - especially good for teens who never want to sit in a quiet room if they can help it! If you have Pandora, iHeartRadio, Samsung Milk Music or Stracks then you are good to go - you can find out more about this great news here!

Between the streaming of music, the growing data plans and the phone itself, there is already a lot to keep your child happy with this great, cost-effective phone. The LGK3 costs $79.99 at Boost Mobile, which is a one-time payment and the phone is yours. You just pay the monthly top up fee when you are ready and maintain your plan on time for all the rewards.

The phone itself is one of my current favorites because it is small, fits well in my pocket or stroller cup holder, isn't bulky or fiddly and holds a really good charge. We were actually out yesterday catching Pokemon around the local park and the battery held much better than a previous phone I had tried to play on, which is a nice bonus considering mostly everybody I know right now is playing Pokemon Go, whether they admit it or not!

Personally, I can't find any faults with this phone. The controls are easy to navigate, the brightness is easy to find and alter and the alarm isn't difficult to set, which is a pet peeve of mine if I can't find it within a couple of taps. I like that there is already a flashlight app built into the phone so you don't have to download one separately and there are plenty of features for editing photos or doodling when you want to waste a little time. Of course, what you ultimately end up with on your phone is up to you, depending on what you find at the app store.

Some people prefer the bigger phones, but I love a phone that fits into my pocket and still has enough room to show me what I need to know, which is exactly what this phone does. It has a screen big enough to be comfortable and a body small enough to carry around without feeling bulked down. All in all, the LGK3 is a win, for me! 

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