Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Nutrisystem, end of week 4!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem in exchange for my honest opinions. My views and results may differ from yours. Thank you. 

This week, I admit, was hard.

Week 4 is over, which means I have been on the Nutrisystem plan for a month and I have seen some great results that I can definitely "write home" about.

I didn't quite know what to expect going into it, but I didn't expect it to go so well, though it has and I am eternally grateful for that push to really start getting my body on track and back to something healthier than the almost 300lbs I had hit just before getting on the Nutrisystem plan.

Last week, I hit 280lbs which has been a huge goal of mine since I blew up and out and sideways, so I have been over the moon with that. The weight loss has simmered a little this week, though and I have not really lost much if anything, though I have happily maintained the weight from last week and feel all the better for it.

I have been sticking to the plan, though I did have one weak moment where I had an ice cream that was not part of Nutrisystem or a flex anything and so I shouldn't really have had that, though I am not going to beat myself up about it.

I have received my next month's worth of food in the last couple of days and there are some meals in there that I have not yet had the pleasure to try and so I can't wait to let you know how those go down! I have ordered the things I liked from last month like the waffles, ice cream, french toast, cheese melts and cheese and broccoli stuffed chicken (and more) and left off the items that I liked, but could live without for this month.

Shakes have been included for this month, so I can choose a shake in place of one or two snacks here and there if I so wish, so we will see how that goes, as well.

I have not been exercising quite as much this week as I was sick  and did have a trip to the doctors and had to get some meds for a chest infection, but I am taking everything at a reasonable pace and making sure I stay hydrated and not getting ahead of what my body can handle.

I did get weighed at the doctor's office, too - the weight was the same as I'd seen on my at-home scales and so I am confident that I am on the right track and getting the accurate results that I need to keep me motivated and honestly reporting!

I can't wait to see what this month brings - lots of walking, exercising at home at my own pace and level, Pokemon Go for motivation and whatever adventures await us at the park/bowling/events etc from now until it gets just too cold to venture out!

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you in the coming weeks, and would love to hear from you if you are on Nutrisystem, too!

Have a wonderful week, and stay positive!

-B xx


Anonymous said...

Glad I stumbled across your blog courtesy of Pintrest. I just started nutrisystem this week myself and we weigh around the same amount. Congrats on your success and lots of luck :)

Go Bronson! said...

I'm thrilled you are giving it a try id love to know how you get on!

Blogger said...

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