Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nutrisystem; end of week 8!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem in order to form a genuine opinion and perspective. All thoughts are my own and your views/results may differ to mine. Thank you!

This week has flown by in a horrible mess of crazy as I somehow managed to smash my phone and then my sink sprung a leak, followed by my freezer breaking down on the same day as my Nutrisystem frozen food delivery was due! 

I panicked the day away as I had no idea what to do with the Nutrisystem food (when it arrived) and I waited with baited breath for my building manager to get back to me about what happens next in this inconvenient situation. 

Well, my phone call was returned within a couple of hours and as the time ticked away, things started to look a little rosy. My building manager swooped in like a super-hero and provided me with a key to a neighboring apartment that was vacant but still had electricity on, which ALSO had in it a working freezer, fabulous! 

My frozen food was to be saved in the neighboring freezer until such time as my new freezer arrived, which my maintenance guy ordered for me and organized for Wednesday. At this point I am happy to have such a great team looking after my apt and I am equally relieved that I rent at all! If I had to spring the cash for a new freezer myself this week, we would have been hot out of luck - sometimes it does pay to rent!

(Nutrisystem's Tiramisu!)

SO! With that crisis averted (and my new Tiramisu safe and sound!) I continue on my Nutrisystem journey as I enter the last 3rd of my 3 month partnership with them, which has been more successful than I could ever have imagined. 

My weigh-in this week brings me down to 270lbs on the dot, meaning that I am now down a grand 28lbs (2 stone if you are overseas) in the last 8 weeks. 

I have been working hard, watching everything I eat, taking notes from the little book they provided me at the beginning and I have also been thinking about the foods I will be cooking for myself once this last month is finally over.

What I have learned has been invaluable and I can't wait to share these last few weeks with you!

I know I've got this - and you do to! 

Good luck! Look out for me next week and follow hashtags #NSNation #Nutrisystemsnaps and @Nutrisystem across social media for more information! 

As always, get in touch if you are on a weight-loss journey, too! I would love to hear from you!


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