Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Skinny Pop Popcorn for Back to School Treats!

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you!

Skinny Pop Popcorn is ready to go back to school with the kids and they also want you to think about the ingredients in the food you put in your lunch boxes. 

With everything we eat becoming more and more laden with added extras, Skinny Pop Popcorn wants us to think about applying the "If you can't spell it, don't eat it" rule and that can be easier said than done!

Skinny Pop Popcorn, made with just a few simple ingredients (sunflower oil, salt and the popcorn itself) asked a few kids to spell out words like "soy lectin", "monosodium glutimate" and "dextrose" (all found in popular snacks), which resulted in this cute video:

We love the taste of Skinny Pop Popcorn and at 100 calories, putting it up for snack time or in with lunch is something I am definitely O.K. with and the kids will munch it with a wide smile - it also makes for a tasty snack through the day if you'd like to stick to a lower calorie eating plan. 

To find out more about Skinny Pop Popcorn, head on over to their website and on social media, too!


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