Monday, 5 September 2016

HEY! Summer's not over, yet!

You know, the nights will soon get cold and we'll be in our sweatshirts (and warm boots) but, until then, summer is still here and we still need to have fun and stay hydrated at the same time!

Nestle Splash* is something new that we've been able to try this week that quenches that thirst and tastes great - something which the kids and I all agree on! I drink a lot of water and so a little taste in mine goes a long way and I definitely could switch it out in a heartbeat for plain old tap water.

My daughter loved it so much that she called dibs on the bottle and off she went into the sunny day - beach-ball and all!

5/5 from me for a taste that is refreshing and light. A very welcome addition to my day!

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*I received Nestle Splash for sampling purposes, but that all opinions are my own, thank you! 

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