Thursday, 8 September 2016

Spiced & Infused for your popcorn-snacking pleasure!

Disclaimer: I Was provided with products in order to give my honest opinions. Your views may differ from mine. Thank you!

I love a popcorn snack, while watching a movie or catching up on a show and sometimes it becomes a love-hate relationship when I'm not having so much fun with the plain, buttered or salted anymore and so a new take on flavors got my interest when I was given the chance to try Spiced & Infused popcorn!

With flavors like Asian Barbecue, Bombay Seasoning, Chipotle Taco and French Herb, I knew I was in for something different and so gave them a shot. 

I shared the bags out with my children and they all each had a taste - they were huge fans of the Asian Barbecue and I really hovered towards the Bombay Seasoning, but my step son pinched that one from me and enjoyed the rest of the bag, himself!

I like to try something new and I honestly wasn't sure if I would like these, at all, but it turns out, they're a great hit in our home and I was pleasantly surprised. 

I think these are a great way to make lunches a little more exciting and at fewer calories than some of the other options available in other flavors - they make a great snack on the go, too, or while watching your favorite movies, just like me!

If you want to know more about Spiced & Infused popcorn, you can find them HERE and across social media - well worth a look if you are looking for something exciting and new in popcorn!


Jaclyn Anne said...

I never heard of this product before but I love a snack with a lot of taste, so I will have to check this popcorn out.

Amy said...

Quite interesting flavors for popcorn. We love popcorn here, and we've been looking for new kinds to try.

Katie Shelton said...

I will have to give these a try, I am a big popcorn lover. Sounds like some interesting and good flavors.