Friday, 28 October 2016

Skylanders Halloween Costumes are GO!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a costume in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you.

How about Skylanders costume for Halloween this year!? They are extremely bright, fun and colorful and kids everywhere will love them if they are anything like my daughter, who just had way too much fun getting her Jet-Vac costume out to play with as soon it turned up on our doorstep. 

She doesn't want to take the outfit off and I love it, too. It is long and warm so it is going to be a lot more comfortable for her out in the cold instead of wearing a princess dress and she gets to walk with her big feet! 

She has always loved to play dress-up and with so many Skylanders characters to pick from, including: Spyro, Jet-Vac, Snapshot, WallopChop Chop AND Kaos, I am glad she found an outfit for Halloween this year that she can thoroughly enjoy all year around. 

This particular outfit came with foot covers, hand covers, the full costume (with chest piece) and mask. It is great quality and a perfect fit. I'm thrilled we found the right costume for her in the 11th hour because I had no idea what to pick for her, but she ADORES this, so WELL DONE, Skylanders!

Here is your line-up of costumes, available: 

·         Kaos 
o   Package includes robe and mask
o   $27.99
o   Available at, Walmart
·         Spyro
o   Package includes jumpsuit with attached chest piece and wigs, hand and shoe covers and mask
o   $39.99
o   Available at and Party City
·         Crusher
o   Package includes jumpsuit with body armor and shoe covers, shin guards, gauntlet and mask
o   $39.99
o   Available at and Party City
·         Jetvac
o    Package includes jumpsuit with chest piece, shoe and hand covers, belt and mask
o    $39.99
o   Available at and Party City
·         Snapshot
o   Package includes jumpsuit, mask and inflatable weapon
o   $34.99
o   Available at, Party City, Walmart
·         Wallop
o   Package includes jumpsuit, mask and inflatable weapon
o   $34.99
o   Available at, Walmart
·         Chop Chop
o   Package includes jumpsuit, mask and inflatable weapon
o   $37.99
o   Available at Amazon and

Who will YOUR kids pick for Halloween? Will they steer towards Skylanders, too? Maybe they also want a little extra in their candy bag with Skylanders Imaginators, which is also available right now across various gaming platforms, along with Candy Coated Chopscotch!! Oh yes! Way more fun than actual candy - and candy is pretty fun!

Whatever you're going to choose this year, make it a fun and safe Halloween - I can't wait to see all your outfits across social media...


Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips for Halloween!

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips (Ghosts + Bats) in Sea Salt flavor are just what you're looking for if you don't want the sweet and candy of Halloween, but really enjoy the salty and savory snack, instead.

Just add a few bags of these to your Halloween festivities and you're good to go - we tried them, we liked them and they were crispy, crunchy and good - the fact that they looked like ghosts and bats was a bonus and we had some fun with them before they were all eaten up.

Throw some in a bow to put on the table for dinner or just hand out bags of these instead of candy, whatever you like - I wouldn't be disappointed to get a bag in my Halloween bag this year, that's for sure.

For more info on these, check them out on social media, their website and pick some up in all good stores, like Target, just in time for Halloween!

OOFO's Review and Giveaway! (2 Winners!) Ends 11/18/16

kupana wahines corner disclaimer   
*Original story by Kupana Wahines Corner

In Hawaii, flip flops (known as "slippahs" by everyone) are worn year round! So as you can imagine, I was excited when I received my pair of OOFO's to review and share my thoughts and opinions on our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide with you all.

Ever wonder what it would feel like to have a cloud surrounding your feet? THAT my readers is exactly what a pair of OOFO's will make your feet feel! I have NEVER put on a pair of shoes on my feet that will ever compare to OOFO's!! And I do not think I EVER will! I got to bless my feet with a pair of their Women's OOriginal Sandal in the color Fuchsia (because I love the color Pink) They are made with their own "OOfoam" which is designed to absorb the impact of walking or even standing.

They cradle your arches (and with arches like I have is something my feet needs) all at the same time lets you move naturally with tons of support. I LOVE these shoes! They make my feet ecstatically happy! I can not think of not one change that I would make to these shoes. Not one bad thing I can think about about them except I need more because they are available in 13 great colors. Here are the other colors they offer:

  • Aqua
  • Bermuda Blue
  • Black
  • Cranberry
  • Forrest Green
  • Lilac
  • Mocha
  • Navy
  • Periwrinkle
  • Seafoam
They have a color for all your favorites. Or at least one to match every outfit in your closet! They also have other styles other then the style I chose.
  • OOahh Sport Slide Sandal
  • OOriginal Sport Sandal
  • OOcloog Clog
  • OOcloog Luxe Clog
  • OOlala Sandal
  • OOlala Slide Sandal
  • OOahh Slide Sandal
oofos project pink

They have a shoe to match anyone's style. They range from $44.95 to $59.95. Normally I would be way to cheap to spend this kind of money on one pair of shoes HOWEVER after putting them on my feet and wearing them around I WOULD pay this kind of money for OOFO's! I have NEVER worn a pair of shoes in all of my 42 years that is this comfortable for my flat arched feet! They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned and probably will ever own! And just when you thought they were already a great company to buy from because they offer so many various styles and colors.

And it gets better! OOFO's offer a line of shoes called Project Pink. When you purchase from this line, $10 of every pair that you buy will be donated to breast cancer research. What a reason to go ahead and buy a few pairs!
  oofo project pink

They have this style in Fuchsia and Black (this one has a pink ribbon on it). So even if you are not the girly girl type and does not wear or like the color Pink you can still support Project Pink by purchasing the Black pair! The Project Pink line also has multiple styles to offer as well. They also come in several Men's Style's

men oofo

mens original oofo

Husband also LOVES his OOFOS! He has the Men's Original OOFO's in Black.

This is what he says about his "I love these shoes. I have NEVER owned such a comfortable pair of shoes in my life!" I can not rave enough about OOFO's! I am in so in love with these shoes. I will never go back to any other flip flop aka in Hawaii slippah ever again. They have clouded their way into my heart. In fact I will be extremely sad when I go back to my culinary classes in January and have to wear regular shoes every day and it will only give me after school and weekends for my feet to enjoy my OOFO's.

WAIT...they have other styles like the clog that I might be able to wear..hmm..I guess I will be purchasing me another pair of OOFO's for school!! Until then I know my feet will be comfortable as walk over 10K steps daily around campus this semester. These shoes will make a GREAT Holiday Gift for any person on your list!

both oofo

BUT make sure when crossing those special people off your list buy purchasing them the best pair of shoes they will ever own, do not forget about your self because after all the OOfoam will keep your feet comfortable and happy when out doing the rest of your holiday shopping. HAPPY FEET, HAPPY SHOPPER! Oh and one last thing they even make them for Men as well. To check out my husband's review of his OOFO' for Men too!


Click on the picture, below, to head to the giveaway! This giveaway is open to everyone and there will be 2 winners, each eligible to receive one pair of OOFO's shoes. (excludes breast cancer awareness line). Good luck, get clicking!


Check out Kupana Wahines Corner's 2016 Holiday Gift GuideSave

Good luck and enjoy! 

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7, Ep 1.

Last night we saw the premier of season 7 of The Walking Dead and I have to say a big WELL DONE to everyone involved.

It has taken months for us to get to this point and we were all left in the dark trying to figure out who Negan's beloved Lucille claimed at the end of season 6 and I have to say they did not disappoint!

When the bat came down on the first person I did get quite emotional - I didn't want THAT person (of all people) to go and will miss them terribly. I wasn't as emotional on the SECOND guy, which is surprising for a long-time fan, but I honestly think it was their time to go.

These deaths are going to change the dynamics of the group forever and I think this is a great, natural progression for a show that really needed a fresh injection of "feels" after it started to get a little stale (for me) the last season.

Absolutely grossed out by the episode, sick to my stomach over who left, but honestly happy as a kid in a candy store that they went there, made me feel something for the show again, and actually sit here looking forward to the rest of season 7!

Revenge will be far away, but so super-satisfying in the end, but I have a feeling we have a LONG road to travel before we get there.

R.I.P little loves!

Roll on next week!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Nutrisystem, end of week 15 #NSNation

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem products to review in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you.

It is the end of week 15 and I am feeling so much more confident in myself these days that I even venture out in a DRESS! I never wear dresses and so it felt a bit weird, but I got this dress for free a couple of weeks back at an event and figured I'd try it on. It fit like a glove so I went with it and my husband thought I looked great and I felt pretty good about myself. 

I didn't think I'd actually leave the house in it, but I did and I didn't want to take it off!

Anyone who is bigger will know the struggle of having thick thighs and I was dubious about that, but with the weight I have lost so far, my legs seem to have made out pretty well and I no longer have issues when I walk without tights, etc, which means I can now wear a dress out in a minute and not have to worry at all. I haven't been able to do that in years. 

I got my new shipment of food this week and I am excited to try out the omelet and the bagels, there are several foods I haven't tried and I am excited for that. 

The weight has started to shift again this week, just like I thought that it would and I am now down to an even 266lbs, which makes it an even 32lbs down!

I am so glad I took up with Nutrisystem and will always be so grateful for the opportunity they have given me to try this out and see if it works for me, because I have just felt so much better since the weight started to drop off. 

I am looking forward to this month with Nutrisystem and happy to see the numbers going in the right direction. Now I just have to decide if I want to join a gym, too...

Dark Chocolate Chunk Chewy Granola Bars, from Sunbelt Bakery - Plus Coupon!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample to give my honest opinion, your views may differ to mine, thank you! 

These are Dark Chocolate Chunk chewy granola bard from Sunbelt Bakery and they are oh so good.

I'm not a huge fan of anything chocolate, but when I pick some up I usually go for anything dark so these were something that took my interest and they didn't let me down. 

I shared them out with the rest of the family, who described them as chewy, sweet, delicious and everyone wanted more of a snack that everyone actually agreed on. 

I'd put these in school lunches, take them on the go, or have handy to snack at home - whatever takes your fancy. You can give them a try, too when you pick some up with this 50 Cents off coupon here (for the first 500 people). 

You can check out Sunbelt Bakery's other goodies by following them on Twitter @sunbeltbakery and at their website, too.

I'd love to know what you think of them.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

End of week 14 on Nutrisystem

Disclaimer: I was provided with nutrisystem in exchange for my honest opinions based on my own experiences with the program. Your results and views may differ from mine. Thank you!

This week has been hard and stressful and my post here is a little later than usual because of that but here we are, we got here in the end.

On top of an incredibly stressful week, it is that time of the month again, which seemed to come earlier than usual so took me off-guard. I haven't put any weight on, but haven't lost any, again, either, so after last weeks loss I am now stuck again, which seems to be my pattern.

That's alright though! I am trying to switch it up a bit this week with some great advice from the people at Nutrisystem and I have started to work out a little more, even though the days are getting shorter and the mornings are a lot darker and colder and sometimes the motivation can be lacking to get out of bed, but I do, and I get on with it because I can - Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say and I won't be slim overnight, but I am trying my best, which is exactly how it should be.

If my trend is anything to go by, I expect a loss next week. We will definitely see if that proves to be true or not when I jump on the scales on Tuesday.

I am generally a LOT happier with the way I look now than I felt last year and people have started to notice that I am losing weight - especially those that I haven't really seen in a while, so that is reassuring when someone who doesn't really see you online, or in person, turns up out of the blue and lets you know how you look - I appreciate that.

I am now a size 18-20 instead of a 22-24 now and at my highest I even would have had to buy a 26. I don't ever want to have to get back to that, again and so more clothes are ready to move on to new homes, bye-bye big, baggy pants and hello to a dress or two, perhaps?

I just put in my next order for the month coming and look forward to trying out a few things that I haven't yet tried - the menu is so extensive that you really are spoiled for choice. My favorite go-to this week has been the stuffed chicken, again! I just can't get enough of those, and the burgers are amazing. The buns are small and you might not feel right about that at first, but once you get used to the serving size, you won't look back. I no longer feel like I need to have a giant roll or anything with my burger, what Nutrisystem provide is the perfect amount.

If you are on Nutrisystem, let me know how you're getting along - I love hearing from you!

Find out more across social media with #NSNation and #Nutrisystemsnaps.


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies at Target Make Snacking Yummy and Fun! #GerberWinWin

I have been a mom for over 20 years now and, if there is one thing I can certainly attest to, it is fact that most kids adore snacks!

It doesn't matter if we're on the go, in the car, on the bus, in the store or out to a function - snacks just make everything that little bit better and one brand that has stuck with us over the years is Gerber.

One of our favorite go-to snacks right now is a baked snack made from delicious (and nutritious) navy beans, called Gerber® Lil’ Beanies. They were an instant favorite for us because, apart from being a winner in taste, they come in a container small enough to carry in my purse and with a design that keeps them fresh and tasteful. 

My two youngest children and I are always out on the bus, or off on an adventure somewhere and my bag is like the carpet bag in Mary Poppins, which appears to contain everything but the kitchen sink, and then maybe the kitchen sink as well! There are always snacks in there and some get squashed or rattled around but that Gerber® Lil’ Beanies container keeps the snacks from getting smushed so they survive wherever we go. Perfect!

We like to shop at Target and we always find Gerber® Lil’ Beanies there in the baby isle. When we walk past, my son always reaches for them, because he genuinely enjoys them and likes to let us know. We actually went to pick some up, yesterday and my son carried them from the shelf to the check out, to the bus and all the way home in his little personal Target bag - he was very pleased with himself and enjoyed his reward when we got home...

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies is one baked snack I don't mind purchasing because they aren't loaded with GMOs and they are a hit with the kids. I also like that right now, you can save $0.75 with a rebate, which you can find HERE, too!

Check Gerber® Lil’ Beanies out at a Target near you, and let me know what you think! Big thumbs up, here! 

Don't forget your rebate!

Follow the conversation on social media with #GerberWinWin!  

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Nutrisystem update end of week 13!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Nutrisystem in exchange for my honest opinions based on my own experiences. Your views and experiences may differ to mine, thank you! 

So, here we are at the end of week 13! My scales finally moved enough to feel like it makes a difference to break this flat-line I've been having for a couple of weeks!

The scales this week, when I weighed on Tuesday morning, pumped out the bright 266.6lbs, which takes me down another 1.4lbs to a total of 31.4lbs.

I am not bored of the food at all as I know the things I like by now that I ordered the items I know I will enjoy rather than ordering different things based on variety - this month I have been eating a lot of the ham/egg/cheese breakfast sandwiches or the french toast when I want a sweet treat in the morning, instead. I usually help myself to a small handfull of walnuts or drink a latte or something as well and then I am satisfied with breakfast.

I am seriously enjoying the meals that I make every day, like last night I had the mushroom stuffed chicken and made myself some nice yellow tomatoes with kale and onion on the side. It is very satisfying and bright and beautiful on the plate, too.

Next month I think I might need to order extra lunch bars as I have found that they are the most convenient way to take the food on the go and the shakes come in really handy if I need to be somewhere and have to nourish myself on the run.

As the weather starts to simmer down, I think I will be ordering more of the home-style chicken or the white bean chili cups to keep warm at lunch-time and just to feel that comfort without having to over-indulge.

I am looking forward to seeing how the winter progresses as I know I naturally slow down a little over the cold months and just want to keep on going so I have to stay motivated and push on.

Here are my photos for this week:

(I think my butt is starting to disappear!)

That's it for this week - the weekend is nearly upon us so hang in there and make it a good one.

Remember, if you are on Nutrisystem as well, I'd love to hear from you.