Monday, 19 December 2016

Adesso Artists Digital Canvas at Hammacher Schlemmer #MGBHGG

Disclaimer: I was provided with products to try out to give you my honest opinions. Your views and experiences may differ to mine. Thank you. 

The Artist's Digital Canvas from Adesso at Hammacher Schlemmer!

Hammacher Schlemmer is one of my favorite places to shop for unique and exciting holiday gifts and this year is no different. I was given the chance to review their best graphics tablet and it is one of the best things they've had to offer us, yet!

As a part time photographer and artist, this kind of tech is everything I love and it really helps to have a tablet that enables me to edit the things I want to use and to create new additions to the tools, borders, palettes, patterns etc that I already use.

I have a large desk, so setting up the tablet was a breeze and it fits in nicely, even though is seems big, it isn't overbearing - it is just right, and big enough for large maneuvering and great freedom of movement for my hand/arm.

The CyberTablet T12 from ADESSO is easy to set up, and jut basically plug-and-plays but there are drivers that come with it if you need them and there is a manual so you know what to do. It comes with a graphics pen and several spare tips for the pen as well as a stand so you can keep it nice, clean and in a spot where you can easily find it. 

I have attempted some edits with this tablet, already and found it really easy compared to older tablets that I have tried out in the past and the extra space is a bonus. You can save to the buttons on the side and you can create and draw with different brush settings for great art pieces. Mine aren't quite finished yet and are a work in progress so I will share those when they are finally complete. 

Here is an idea of how close you can get with cut outs, though - this is from my FIRST try and so even when you haven't used this set up before, it is incredibly close and easy. 

It is a SMALL picture, so apologies for that, but you can see my point that even when working with smaller photos, you can get a good result. The precision was pretty spot on and it worked for what I needed so I was very happy with that. 

There are programs online that are more suited to your needs with this tablet than others and it depends on what you plan to do with it to which ones are going to be best for you, but I love to work with it in basic programs like paint and then switch out the photos to a fuller editing program for the final touches. 

This is great for any beginner or for someone who is familiar with the concept already and so I would definitely recommend this as a hot gift this Christmas and, as ever coming from Hammacher Schlemmer, it has a lifetime warranty, too. 

To check out some of the other fabulous items Hammacher Schlemmer has on their website - like juke boxes, drones, kids trains, exercise equipment, high tech gadgets and items that you are not going to find anywhere else - go HERE!

There is truly something for everyone and this is why they are yet again part of our Christmas and Holiday gift guide and remain a sturdy favorite!

Happy Gifting! 

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