Thursday, 30 November 2017

Therafit Shoe Giveaway! Ends 12/13/17

Enter to win a pair of Wool Clog Slippers from Therafit Shoe!

One of my personal favourite brands over the years - they never have let me down - and I'm thrilled to share this giveaway with you! 

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Spice up your new look with a wig or hair accessory from Divatress!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine. 

If, like me, you like to have fun with your hair but don't particularly want to take the jump to a new cut without experimenting a little bit first, then Divatress might just be the company for you! 

This forward-thinking company supplies thousands of hair care products - including wigs - that are designed to adorn the heads of everyone from mom to model and back again and everything in-between. 

I recently tried on one particular wig from another company, which won't be mentioned here, and the quality was not up-to-par and there were just too many gaps in the piece that made it look so much less authentic than i'd have ideally liked. Divatress, on the other hand, has hair that looks so good that you wouldn't even realize that it's a wig unless you pointed it out to someone. 

Wigs are sometimes so underrated but if you find a good one, you can really feel comfortable with your new look and have a little fun with it without having to give up your every-day go-to. There are other perks, too - like, for instance, if you don't want to ruin your hair with color, a wig with color in it can save you from damaging your real hair and give you that spark of color that won't even fade the way hair dye does, either. It is a win-win for your new look. 

The way you look can really have an impact on the way you feel and in the way you carry yourself, so why not give a few different styles a try before committing to just the one? Wigs are for everyone and many a time it takes a lot for other people to even realize that you are wearing one - that's how good they are now. 

Divatress has definitely got a wide variety of styles and colors and there's bound to be something you would like to give a try! 

Check them out, today and keep everyone guessing on how you keep your hair so fabulous all the time. 


Thursday, 16 November 2017

LEAP! DVD and Meal Passes for Ovation Brands GIVEAWAY!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Here is a new giveaway in partnership with Ovation Brands (Old Country Buffet, Ryan's, Hometown Buffer, Country Buffet AND Furr's Fresh Buffet. 

To celebrate the lovely movie LEAP! - a movie about Félicie and Victor - 2 best friends who plan an escape from a french orphanage to chase their dreams of becoming a dancer/ballerina (Félicie) and a brain-powered inventor (Victor).

The dates are:
  • November 2 – Bonjour, Family Night!
  • November 9 – Brain Games
  • November 16 – Dream Big
  • November 30 – On Pointe With Ballet
  • December 7 – Let’s Dance
Every THURSDAY from 2nd November until 7th December between 5pm-8pm you can find fun kids activities that will inspire, educate and entertain children in participating Ovation Brands' establishments.

PLUS, just so you know, and don't miss out -  kids eat for just  $1.99 from 4 p.m. until close with the purchase of a regular-priced adult (or senior) meal.

What a great way to get the family together!

Ovation Brands' would like to offer ONE of our readers a prize package to celebrate this series of entertainment with FOUR (4) meal passes to use at Ovation Brands' locations, as well as a LEAP! DVD to keep the fun alive at home!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this prize package is enter via the raffle copter, below.

All entries are considered and 1 winner will be picked at random on November 29th 2017. Winners are notified via email so please do sign up with a valid email address - we will not use your email for any other purpose than to communicate with you about your prize.

Entrants must be 18 or over to be eligible, or have parents permission and must reside in the U.S.A.

Here is your friendly rafflecopter:

Thank you so much, and GOOD LUCK!

Monday, 30 October 2017

What to Consider when Buying Your Next Car

Sponsored Post.

Purchasing a new car can be nerve wracking, no matter how many cars you might have to buy. Having not bought a new vehicle for a while, it seems that nothing much had changed since my last car, though it still felt a tad overwhelming and stressful trying to find "the one" that worked for me/us, while simultaneously holding on to a modicum of patience and decorum in the process.

No matter what you do, nothing really prepares you for the load that comes with buying a new car, no matter how you approach it and research is definitely a giant key to success, which makes sites like an invaluable resource.

Some of the things you have to factor in to your decision making are:

Your needs vs. your wants

You might really WANT that flashy sports car, or the most expensive car on the lot, but do you really NEED it? What you walk away with may not always be the car you want, but you definitely should think about the car that you need.

Do you need a 7 seater? Is your family going to be comfortable in a new Mini as apposed to a People Carrier? Do you need a lot of space in the back for work-tools, or a smaller car just to commute? Think about your choices realistically and put off the fancy sports car until you can really afford it - and if you can afford it, and that is exactly what you need right now, then remember to cover all of the next steps before buying that car.

Affordability and funding

When looking for your new car, and when you have decided on the kind of car you'll need, you will have to look at your finances and decide if you are going to really be able to afford it. Are you looking at financing a newer car or buying second hand? Do you have a set budget to pay now or can you afford to spread payments?

Personally I have always liked to buy a car outright and not worry about holding a car payment over my head every month but (if you can afford it) taking on an installment plan monthly to cover your new car might work best for you, and on a budget that you can afford - just try and stick to a price within your means so as you don't leave yourself short every month in exchange for the car you might not have money to put gas/petrol in if you do.

Suitability for the family and life you lead

Something to consider, which we might not all remember, is how is the car going to fair in comparison to how you might intend to use it? For instance, you might have a large family but maybe you don't travel much together, if at all, maybe one of the older children drives or you already own one car, so is another bigger car really the best idea, or could you do with a smaller one for your second car?

Do you travel a lot? If you do, do you really want to pick up a car with too many miles on it, knowing that it might not last too long if you intend to put a lot of miles on it over a shorter period of time. Could a newer car, or one with less previous owners, and less mileage be the best choice for you?

Alternatively, do you only drive once in a while, are you only using it for leisure or short trips? It is possible that a cheaper, second hand, but well cared for car might be for you, instead, and if you buy the right car, with a good history behind it, then you may well get a great deal on a little run-around without putting yourself too far out of pocket.

Are there any extra little bonuses?

Sometimes, the little things really help when buying your next car. If you are buying privately you might get a better value on the price you pay, but sometimes when you buy from a dealer you might have them run it through an inspection and make sure it is up to date with everything it needs. Some places will also take off a little money for your old car if you'd like to trade it in (which you won't usually get with a private seller) and you may get a car-wash, detailing or discounts on future services depending on where you buy.

The car I picked out for my current needs is this Honda Civic. It isn't anything too over the top, it looks sharp for its age, has a sun-roof, electric windows and what not, a nice sound system and it also came with its inspection done with a full 12 months on it. I checked its history and spoke to the dealer, took it for a test drive and was pleased that I had a couple of days to really think about it before I took the cash in to pay for it outright.

We did get a free detailing and it came to me very clean and sparkly. The service was great and the staff at the garage where I purchased the car were very friendly and willing to work with me on a deposit to secure the car, which was much, much lower than what they usually take - the moral of the story there being that if you don't ask, you wont get, which actually applied to haggling, too. If you think a car is worth less and want to haggle the price down a little, don't be scared to try it. If you see a better price online (for example) then you could ask the price to be lowered a little and you might be pleasantly surprised at a person's willingness to bend.

I am very happy with the one I came out with, it is perfect for my current needs and suits the children very well. I don't really need to drive too much and so just having the option is a huge bonus for me and helps to get things done a little quicker, which is always a plus with 2 younger children running about.

Whatever car YOU choose to drive next, keep your options open, research all your corners, bases and stops, get the best you can across the board and enjoy your new found freedom.

Happy driving!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Giveawa: 4 Meal Passes and Autograohed Thumbs Up Johnnie Prize Pack!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is a sponsored post but any opinions are my own, thank you. 
Giveaway host: Mom's Gone Bronson. 


Ovation Brands are hosting various events at various Ryan's, Hometown Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Country Buffet and Furr's Fresh Buffet locations to celebrate the character of Thumbs Up Johnnie. 

From Sept 14th until October 19th (every Thursday) between 5pm and 8pm, with the last one coming up, soon, you can head down to your nearest location and take part in the activities. 


In the mean time, you can also enter to win a Thumbs Up Johnnie prize pack, consisting of stationery, Thumbs Up Johnnie books that are autographed by the author: Michelle Bain, plus 4 meal passes to any of the mentioned locations, courtesy of Ovation Brands. 

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning, is enter via the rafflecopter entrance form, below - come back every day for your daily entries, too!

Entrants must be 18 or over and reside in the U.S.A. Please ask parents permission before entering if under 18. The winner will be picked the day the giveaway ends and will need to confirm their prize win via email. We will never share your email with anyone and we are not paid to take or share any of your information. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you, and GOOD LUCK! 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Shop-Rite now has NEW Post Oreo O's Cereal for your yummy snack mix!

Oreo® and the OREO Wafer design are registered trademarks of Mondelez International group, used under license. This is a sponsored post. All views and experiences with the product are my own and your views may differ. Thank you! 

We are a family that is always on the go. Whether running around town to events and gatherings or visiting with friends, I always have at least 2 children in tow and they are always on the look out for snacks and goodies in my back pack! 

Not one to disappoint, I always pack a lunch [or snacks] wherever I go and trail mixes are a popular go-to. I've also recently found that new Post Oreo O's cereal with the classic OREO® cookie taste (back from retirement) is a great addition to any snack/trail mix, after locating them in a Shop-Rite store.  

To make a tasty snack mix, we like to take some raisins, pecans, seeds and [now] NEW Oreo O's cereal, which gives it that added chocolatey crunchy goodness. We sometimes add some little marshmallows for extra soft texture, but this has been our new go-to the past week or so on our journeys around town.

All you need to do to keep your snack good is mix it up in a sandwich bag and push all the air out and seal. The snack is good to go all-day-long. If you don't generally like to buy the bags, then any little snack tub will do just fine - either way, the Oreo O's cereal is almost always the part of the mix that the kids will want to eat before anything else, so they are definitely a winner in our household! 

How to make a quick and simple trail mix with Post Oreo O's Cereal

First off, we like to add the raisins:

Then we add the nuts and seeds - we have pecans and a breakfast topper mixed seed mix for this particular round of trail mix: 

Then we add in our crunchy, tasty Post Oreo O's cereal

Sometimes we add the marshmallows, sometimes we do not - this time we ran out of space in our container and so we left those out, but they do make a great counterpart to the crunchy textures in this mix! 

Make sure you watch out for little hands, who will sneak the Post Oreo O's out of the bag, while they think you're not looking, because they oh-so looooove them! 


And there you have it! A quick, tasty snack to take with you on the go - ours will be joining us at the Farmer's Market, tomorrow, to keep the kids snack-happy until we get home! 

NOTE: If you are allowed to take nuts into school, then this trail mix would make a great back to school snack if you are looking for a new way to bring a little joy to any lunch box. You can substitute with seeds if nuts are off the menu. 

Have you tried Oreo O's cereal before, do you remember when it was first out? Does it make you feel nostalgic? Let me know how you feel about Oreo O's cereal and how you like to eat it, in the comments, below, and fine it now at your nearest Shop-Rite store - Enjoy!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Canvas Factory for All Your Printing Needs - Plus GIVEAWAY!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a print from Canvas Factory in order to give you my honest opinions. The photo used was my own, your pics, quality and designs will vary depending on your resolution/quality/choice of print etc. Your experiences may differ to mine. Thank you. 

I have always loved photography and have always seemed to own a camera. I remember the days when you had to walk to the shop, hand over your film and wait few days for your photos to be processed - never really knowing if the quality was good or bad until you got them back. 

Now, of course, we can take photos on our phones, cameras and other devices and see out pictures instantly and even edit them almost as quickly and have them printed out in moments - this is where Canvas Factory comes along to brighten my day. 

Original photo taken in my back yard.

Personally, I love to see my photos in print. I love to make photo albums and love to display pictures on the walls. I like the fact hat I can look back at old photos of my family, myself, my dad, in print. Of course social media was not a thing back then, but nothing online is safe and if a site closes tomorrow, all your pictures are going to go with it and it is nice to know there is something to hold on to. 

I was recently asked if I would like to try out Canvas Factory for a print of mine and, after utilizing their services before, I jumped at the chance to say yes. The site is very straightforward and easy to use - you just upload your high-quality photos to the site, choose your settings and canvas type, background, layout and size and pay the cost to create your artwork. 

Once ordered, your canvas print is shipped directly, and securely, to your door within a week or two and you can proudly display it on your wall for the world to see. 

I uploaded a photo that I took earlier this year in my back yard and was eager to see what it looked like in print and on my wall. I chose to wrap the photo around the canvas, a black background, fit the photo to the frame and crossed my fingers that the quality of the image was good enough for a 16x20 print. 

Order and preview from Canvas Factory.

When my canvas arrived, I was SO thrilled with the results. The quality of the canvas is good, the photo is printed well and the quality of the overall finish product was perfect for hanging in any living space to give the photo the attention it deserves. 

I was very pleased withe the family photo I had printed previously, but even more so with this print from my yard, as it is going to be a print that I will sell in the future and this is the first time I have put it out there for display. I am very pleased with this piece and can't thank Canvas Factory enough, seeing as the service was simple and easy to use and really was no hassle at all with the results that I wanted coming to fruition in a very timely manner and with good quality. 

Finished Product.

*** GIVEAWAY ***

If you would like to have one of your photos put into print, too, here is your chance! Canvas Factory has given me a code to allow ONE LUCKY READER the opportunity to win a print of their own, which you can upload, order and have sent to you, just like me! If you would like to see your photo in print, on canvas, then just enter via the rafflecopter, below! Come back daily for your extra tweet point! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to USA and Canada only and ends GOES LIVE: 8/31/2017 and ENDS: 9/21/17. 


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Memories are made here - at the fair!

We took a trip out to the fair this weekend and the look on Bronson's face was pure joy for the entire day. This kid never ceases to amaze me at how fun and loving he is to be around - he is so full of innocence and genuinely super-excited about anything even slightly fun or awesome. 

Bronson is also GREAT for my daughter. He helped her get over her fears on some rides that go a little too high or fast for her liking and she, in turn, comforts him and makes sure he sits still on whatever the ride might be. I definitely think they are the best to have for one another and are both really lucky to have the bond that they do. 

The fair we went to had animals, showings, car races, bike races, a car show and fun and games that you usually find at the fair along with music to come in the week. We paid just $30 for a car load of us on opening day and took a picnic so we didn't have to pay $9 for a burger or $8 for fries, could avoid the deep fried oreos/pbj sandwiches and even deep fried cheesesteaks (what???). 

All the food did smell good though, but the food we took was way healthier. Fruit, light sandwiches, water and other low cal snacks and so on that the kids would enjoy (rainbow goldfish etc) and that we could snack on through the day. My dear friend Debbie was with us and looked out for my bag while I went on some rides with the kids, plus took my kids on rides, herself so we could all have a little go on something and mostly so that the kids could have fun. 

We avoided all the big rides - a little cause we had the kids, a little because of the ride fail in the news a few weeks ago (in Ohio) and also because one of us has a bad back and the other doesn't want to get sick, so between us we had a great time and didn't miss out on those crazy tumbling, rolling, you-must-be-crazy-to-go-on-that kind of rides, without really looking like a bunch of pansies. 

Did I mention the food smelt good??

The animals were a load of fun, they had pigs, goats, cows, sheep and even rabbits for the kids to look at, pet, talk to and what not. Both the littles really enjoyed the animal area and we did go back a couple of times through the day and sat and watched some of the animals being entered into the shows. 

We tracked the other side of the fair for the races and saw some cool kids having fun with their races - some with incredible talent and who would be more than welcome to drive me anywhere!! Some older kids and adults also races various vehicles and I did get a few shots. Bronson absolutely LOVED the races and loved all the noise that came with it. I learned so much about him in one day, my heart was melted. 

Autumn had a blast taking in all the animals, I think she would have been there all day if we'd have let her. She wants to be a singer and a vet when she's older, and an artist and a dancer, so I guess when she's ready to go to work as a dancing, singing, artistic vet she can take on her own business and fill it with all the crazy ideas she has and the love she has for these animals, but for now she got to visit with them a while and was happy. 

We did try and win a goldfish at the fair, but they weren't easy to win and I didn't want to spend any extra money so we went out and picked up a fish for $2.99 instead after the fact and she now is the owner of a little white Betta called angel (I got Bronson one, too and he's called "Fish" because at least Bronson can say that!). 

The kids plodded around the fair with Debbie and I for a grand total of 6 hours. One minute it was 1:30pm and the next it was 7pm! None of us knows what happened there, but we sure must have been having a lot of fun. After the fair we went out to eat at Red Robin on a gift card one of us had, thus the bill was lighter and finished off a really nice, long, fun day with the kids, which was something a little different to our usual "Debbie Days" for which Autumn gets super-excited for along with Bronson. 

We eventually made it home and the kids were almost the perfect kids all day. They didn't want the day to end and, once we had convinced Bronson to wave bye to Debbie (which he did for like 20 minutes) it was off to bed and goodnight! They slept for 9 hours total and it was utter bliss. I still got up at 3 or 4am though because I am a nut job, but it was such a great day out, a great night's peace and I would do it all over again any time. 

I am glad we got to go to the fair after all, this year as we had originally decided we just couldn't afford it. If you are thinking about avoiding the fairs this year, just think again and plan to take your own food, plenty of fluid, perhaps a change of clothes for the kids and look up your fairs to see if they have discounted tickets for different days of the week, you just never know!

Thanks so much for sharing this mini adventure with us! 

The next one is going to be a fabulous ride! 

Love and Pancakes...

-MGM xxx

Nutrisystem and where I am now.

Disclaimer: I was given products in order to give my best opinions of actual use and experience with the products. Your  results, opinions and experiences may differ to mine, thank you! 

So, it has been over a year since I first started on Nutrisystem and have definitely had more of a positive experience than a negative one and I would definitely have started Nutrisystem if i'd gotten a time machine, gone back to when I made the decision to start, and started again. It was worth it. 

Nutrisystem Breakfast Omelette.

I lost 40lbs in total with Nutrisystem and then hit a solid plateau, which has not gotten any better no matter which avenue I chose to take to get things rolling again - and believe me I stuck to this plan and tried everything that was suggested but with not much luck or change other than maintaining the weight once I had lost that 40lbs. 

Nutrisystem Ravioli and some veg.

Recently I was placed on some steroids, again and am now taking a new birth control pill and, since starting both of those, I have started to gain a few pounds rather than lose or even maintain and so even sticking to the plan religiously has not been helping over the last few weeks, at all. 

Nutrisystem Meatballs with some greens.

I have upped exercise, am drinking enough water, I am exercising and moving around, I am basically doing what I am told and I honestly love to eat healthy and so get all the fruits or vegetables, extras or whatever I am supposed to have and stear clear of the things I am not supposed to indulge in - heck, we just went to the fair over the weekend and didn't even touch any of the vendors other than to grab a bottle of water! 

The food on Nutrisystem has remained a constant success with me in terms of taste and I have been able to work the meals into something nice with veggies at every meal so it doesn't feel like a small portion AND builds up my daily need on those said vegetables - mostly with the veg I pick up at the farmer's market every Thursday. 

I have tried so hard on this plan, and I am even in a weight loss group with other people who are very encouraging to stay on plan, plus a separate group that helps to boost confidence and posts points when you keep up with certain aspects of losing weight (like avoiding sweets etc), yet as hard as I try the weight just doesn't seem to want to move. 

Healthy sides and snacks are easy on the plan.

I have decided that soon I will be coming off of Nutrisystem as I feel confident that I can actually keep portion sizes small and on point by myself, now and that I will be able to try and give my body yet another boost by giving other foods a try  for a while to see if that is the kick start that this annoying plateau actually needs. 

Either way, I am so grateful to Nutrisystem for allowing me to work with them and for the opportunity I have had to shift some of this weight that has been plaguing me for the longest time and to give me the confidence I needed to realize that I can do just about anything, even to lose weight, if I put my mind to it and pick myself up and get on with it. 

The left is me at over 300lbs and the right is me quite a few lbs down!

In all, I have definitely enjoyed 95% of the foods, with one or two foods not exactly the kind of food I would personally eat, but am satisfied that there was so much choice throughout the time I have been on this plan. My stand out favourite breakfast is the omelette. My favourite lunch is the white bean chicken chili and the best dinner, to me, is the fagioli. The top snack on my list are the cheese puffs and I do like the tiramisu. 

My overall opinion of Nutrisystem has been constant in that I think the choice is vast, the plan is easy to follow and if you follow it to a "T" the results that are advertised are not unrealistic. I was over 300lbs when I started this plan and I still have a lot of weight to go, but to have lost 40lbs on Nutrisystem when nothing else had previously worked is a great big hats off moment for me and I recommend at least giving them a go, even if you have tried other methods for losing weight. 

Nutrisystem gave me back a lot of confidence.

Thank you so much, Nutrisystem for showing me how to use smaller portions, how and what to eat to make a rounded meal and how to keep going through the day with the idea that keeping metabolism going through the day is a big key to losing the flab. 

My weight loss journey is ongoing and I will be keeping that in mind as I come off of some of the medications I have been taking, and trying hard to continue to eat right and exercise daily. I am more confident and happy to make better decisions and will continue to do so as I go into a new phase. 

Thanks so much to everyone for following my journey, so far - please continue to follow me to the end of my Nutrisystem one and do also let me know where you are at in your weight loss journey and what you do to kick that weight off, or maintain where you are now! I would love to hear from you! 




Sunday, 18 June 2017

Still didn't get Dad Something Yet? Gift an IOU with these...

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to give my opinions. Your experiences may differ to mine. Thank you.

Father's day is upon us and you will be wondering what to get dad if you haven't picked something up already - well, listen! What goes into a card better than an I.O.U for one of the following:

Davidoff of Geneva Cigars!

Great for any dad that appreciates a good cigar! Let them place an order online and wait for delivery - any time of year, but best when chosen on father's day!

American Harvest Vodka - organic craft, all american "Farm to Bottle" organic vodka for the man in your life who loves a glass or two of a nice, clear and premium vodka.  }(about $24.99 a bottle})

Trail's End Bourbon - perfect for the man who likes a sip or two of bourbon for a celebration or to unwind of an evening. Subtle and nutty aromas, light on the tongue and goes down well with cola or on its own - you won't want to miss this!

The bourbon has been my favourite for some time and I would absolutely recommend it but if you have someone in your family who woul prefer a dash of whiskey in GLENCADAM or CAMUS Borderies XO for something a little milder, nutty, smooth and ready for a quick neat sip or three! This cognac is a delightfully smooth sip that you can't say no to and cost a little penny bit is well worth it and will make your gift all that more divine.

This 21 year old ages Glencamden is a perfect drop for the dad who likes a taste of oaky goodness - smooth on the nose, soft on the tongue and ready to go down smooth with a little dash of soda - nothing too fancy, not to drown it!

If you have a husband who likes a tipple and you want to make them happy with a late and appreciated father's day gift, that IOU in their card for any one of these is going to be so appreciated and they are going o get just what they wanted!

Which will you chose for that man in your kids' lives?! Let us know! 

Happy Sipping!! 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ovation Brands Beyblade Burst Family Night Giveaway! Ends 6/28/17

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to bring you this giveaway. All opinions are my own and all prizes are shipped by the sponsor and not the participating blogger/s. Thank you! 

Ovation Brand's (Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Hometown Buffet, Country Buffet – and Furr’s Fresh Buffet) have a great set of family nights lined up again and this time it is in conjunction with Beyblade Burst! 

I remember when the original Beyblades came out years and years ago when my oldest was younger and so these have been in our house for a long time, now, and the Beyblade Burst toys were an instant hit with all the kids, and so will be the family fun nights! 

On June 8th, they kicked off with In It to Spin It and the rest of the calendar looks like this:

Beyblade Burst is as popular with girls as it is with the boys and this makes for a great family night for everyone to have a little fun, let off some steam and even to get involved in the Beyblade Burst Tournament to show off what you've got!


To help you along with a family night out, Ovation Brands has teamed up with us to give one lucky winner a Beyblade Burst Stadium, 2 Beyblades and 4 free meal tickets at one of their many locations!

All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning this prize, is to enter via the rafflecopter, below!

Winner will be picked at random and notified via email. Please use genuine email addresses so that we can get hold of you. Mom's Gone Bronson does not use your emails for anything other than contact should you win a prize, we never pass along your emails to a third party.

Entry is open to residents of the U.S and must be 18 years or have parents permission to enter. Giveaway ends on 6/28/17.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- Good luck, and happy spinning!!