Friday, 13 January 2017

Nutrisystem in the house!

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to give my own opinion. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you. 

I received my new shipment of Nutrisystem this week and I suddenly remembered to let you know to make SPACE for all your food, of which there is a LOT.

I ordered a lot of shelf stable food this time around and not so much for the freezer as I had just been grocery shopping for the rest of the family and so wanted to make sure I had room.

When my box of shelf stable food arrived, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't cleaned out space because I was SO used to getting frozen foods instead.

A day later and I still hadn't sorted out this issue and the box of food sat on my table.

A day after that, I finally rearranged my cabinets and got all the food in (and on top of) them and bobs your mothers brother, we are ready to go!

Today I celebrated over a nice and delicious Loaded Potato lunch and then enjoyed a great little Nutrisystem pizza for dinner, with a side of veg. GREAT!

I have a couple of items this month that I still haven't tried yet and so I can't wait to share those with you as I give them a go. So far, so good and only 1 meal I've ever disliked, so this has really been a winner for me and I say that with much sincerity.

I can't wait to see where 2017 takes me.

Until next week...

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