Sunday, 1 January 2017

Stylish Kitchen Accessories from Trudeau #MGBHGG

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in exchange for my honest views. Your opinions may differ to mine, thank you!

Trudeau is one of my favorite companies for kitchen supplies, gadgets and goodies for any person who loves to cook, bake, entertain and more - you name it, they seem to have it and in some of the best and delightful colors imaginable that you don't really seem to see anywhere else.

I had the pleasure to try out a new bottle opener, a fun wine saver, some awesome little chocolate containers that help to make look-alike Reece's and such, plus so much more.

I cook and bake, a lot. Probably more than humanly necessary, so one of the things I can definitely appreciate is a set of measuring cups. The thing I love about these ones, though, is that they come with a clip at the top so you can take them apart and use them one by one without having to bumble about with the whole stack if you don't want to. They are nice to grip, colorful and easy to store away. If you are in the kitchen a lot, you will love these.

Then this wine saver is the best - I always just used one of the cork-style ones that you just pop in, but this one lets you pull the air out of the wine before you close it, which makes it fresher and saves it a lot better for a lot longer so I can definitely appreciate this, too! I don't drink so much wine, now, but if you like a glass and don't want to drink an entire bottle or waste the rest of the bottle, then this nifty little device is most definitely for you! 

As a tea drinker, I love this steeper, too. It is cute and functional and I'm happy to leave it out on the side on a little drip catcher. Actually quite funny how many people's eyes catch it when they come over for a cup of tea/coffee. A cute little conversation starter, for sure.

Trudeau just puts emphasis on stylish accessories and honestly it makes such a difference when you have products that look and feel as good as these do - they brighten up your kitchen and serve a purpose. I could easily fill up a basket with Trudeau and gift them for any occasion - not just the holidays, but as a treat to myself, a moving in present for a new neighbor, a going away present for a neighbor who is off to a new home, etc. The cook in your life will love them all year around.

To check out some of their other items in their extensive inventory, head on over to the Trudeau website, here, and see what goodies you can find! Also, catch them on social media HERE, too.

Happy home-making!

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