Sunday, 19 February 2017

Nutrisystem Keeps Me Going, Even On My Off Weeks!

I was provided with products in exchange for my honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you. 

This past week has been a struggle, but not with Nutrisystem.

A week ago, I was in severe pain in my face and had to go to the Urgent Care to get looked at and, as it turns out, I had an abscessed tooth, which had flared up over night and left my mind boggled.

After supplying me with more medication that should be humanly necessary to take, I started to feel somewhat better, but couldn't really eat anything that was too hard or complicated.

Thankfully, Nutrisystem has some very nice and soft meals that worked out well, so I was able to continue to stick to the plan, fabulous.

I am down 1lb this week, which is great! Every 1lb is closer to my next goal.

I wanted to say that this month I have realized that I don't mind other people taking photos of me so much, anymore - the angles and everything else have no longer become a necessity but more of a bonus. We were out to eat on Friday and a friend took a photo of me and I actually can really see a difference between the person I am now and where I was last summer (see above photo for last summer and the photo of me in the mustard from this week!).

I have definitely been enjoying sticking to the plan, not feeling hungry and even when i've been miserable and in pain, not having to worry about making a fuss over my next meal or taking things easy. I have just carried on and worked it out and kept myself hydrated.

This week, feeling much, much better, I am back to normal and working hard to keep this weight coming off!

Here's to everyone out there trying to do the same.

For more information you can visit the Nutrisystem website and you can also head on over to Twitter @Nutrisystem, with hashtag #NSNation, too. We got this!

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