Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Walking Dead Season Premier from Last Night!

The Walking Dead returned last night in not so spectacular fashion, with what I can only describe as a bit of a stroll.

The episode might have been a bit slow but there were moments so I will give it that, at least.

Lets look at the points:

Father G has gone nuts, it seems - where is he off to, why did he take all that stuff and WHO THE HECK was that in the car with him when he drove off in the beginning of the episode!? - Didn't catch it, watch it again - I didn't see it the first time, either!

Enid is bringing everyone together, she finally has a little purpose. Maggie is clearly more in charge at Hill Top even now with Gregory still sitting there being useless in his little chair - I doubt he is long for this universe, but stranger things have happened so we shall have to wait and see.

Then Daryl - oh Daryl. You should do look like you've scrubbed up alright this week, but when are you going to get a haircut - or your crossbow back and will the writers every start giving you better lines to deliver than "you're talking out of both sides of your mouth" (to Gregory)m delivered with so little gusto he may as well not have said anything at all.

Will Daryl ever actually run into Carol again, either? Is he the key to getting The Kingdom on board with this whole who-ha with Negan. Will he catch Carol and Ezekiel in a bit of a tight spot and realize he actually cares for her, or will nothing crazy happen this half season? The suspense is killing us all - but not really though because I think that ship has apparently sailed, right off to wherever that boat was that Gabriel (maybe) left a note about back at the pantry in Alexandria.

Confused? Yup, I am too. Not as confused as I was seeing the archer in The Kingdom walking about with an arm eerily similar to the one Merle had when he died. I wonder if it is the same thing and a bit of an 'easter egg' or just a coincidence (feel free to let me know!).

Carol is still off running the world by herself, in sweet denial. Morgan can't seem to make up his mind as to whether he is coming or going. Rick and Michone don't gel as a couple,but they do kick ass in cars very well.

Rosita has become more annoying, Sasha needs to just disappear, no one has word on Eugene and everyone is out scouting for Daryl who is apparently is just a walking target, now, too. Fabulous.

It seems all too quiet on most fronts this episode, but I'll enjoy that until the carnage happens later down the line. This must be the calm before the storm and so something bigger than everyone is going to happen and who knows who will be on whichever side.

I'm loving this season, but this episode was just a bit of a wet pancake. Hopefully we're on the upward turn from here on out... More interaction, less standing and talking, more doing.

Until next week...

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