Thursday, 30 March 2017

Nutrisystem and the wall.

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This week is bitter-sweet for me and Nutrisystem. I am thrilled to still be with them, I really like the convenience of the food, and really enjoy the meals I order. I haven't lost any weight since my last post, though, and it is grinding my gears a little as I am really trying to stay on track.

I have tried to jiggle things around a bit and that helped for a while (switching breakfasts for lunch etc) but now I am at a wall again and SO CLOSE to hitting the 40lb lost mark!

I am switching out my exercise routines this week and am going to start walking the park more as the sun has finally started to make an appearance and that has put my good mood through the roof, even with the trials and tribulations I have been through over the last couple of weeks that I won't bore you with details of just yet, on this platform.

Here's a story for you - I went to buy a new sweater last week, picked it up in a 2x, it is too big, I kept it anyway, silly really seeing as it adds pounds to me that I don't need! I really aught to start buying clothes that fit and stop to think about what now fits, how and why things have changed. My shape is most definitely different and I have to think about that, too. Who knew losing weight would be so mathematical when checking out the cuts and angles on all these choices for new clothes!

Here is a photo of me in the new sweater, you can see i'm trying to pull it in at the sides, but I think it'll be a one-and-done season for this bad boy. Shame I didn't find it smaller! Everything is just too baggy now, nothing fits right and I don't know how to work with that, but I sure am trying as I go. I am definitely more comfortable in myself, in general, so that's the main thing.

Roll on positive vibes, a good couple of weeks and some progress. If you are on Nutrisystem, I'd love to hear from you.

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Let's get crackin'!


#TossTheTube with Scott® Tube-Free Bath Tissue, and Savings on Amazon Prime.

Every year, as Earth Day rolls around, my friends and I usually get together and attend some Earth Day specific events where we pick up trash or get involved with the local community to make things just that little bit better, cleaner, nicer or to spread awareness about how the Earth could really benefit from us doing a little more to lighten its load.

We are happy to go out and pick up litter (along with other folk, annually at our local riverfront) and to inform our children at the local events with educational material and demonstrations on how to do just about everything from planting trees, to caring for animals, recycling AND causing less waste in the first place.

While it isn't always possible for you to get out and pick up all the trash you see in the street, there are things you can do to contribute and allow for less waste, like by switching to Scott® Tube-Free bath tissue, which rolls out like any regular roll, but doesn't have the wasteful tube inside - great!

Above is a photo of my bathroom after my kids have changed out regular rolls in the past and just towered them up in some bizarre game of bathroom stack-em-high: loo roll edition. This is no-more since I picked up the Scott® Tube-Free bath tissue, plus the kids think that the rolls are magic, all gone at the last pull of paper.

Making the switch is easy, and Amazon Prime has your butt covered with some prices to keep you smiling. You can find Scott® Tube-Free bath tissue on Amazon Prime here, saving a few bucks with a $2 off coupon applicable (after April 1st), which makes it an even better deal!

Amazon Prime gets even better when you buy more, too, so if you load up your cart with 5 qualifying Subscribe & Save products, you can get up to a 15% discount on all of those products, with a quick delivery right to your door! These products will vary, depending on what you need, but rest assured you can find other Scott® products on Amazon, here, when and if you need them, too. Super.

Monday, 27 March 2017


Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to give my own opinions about the product or services. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you. 

So we went out to Old Country Buffet this weekend and the kids and my friend came along and everyone got settled in really quickly for a great meal, with lovely staff and great atmosphere.

It was very busy - busier than I've ever seen it, but  it was still so much fun that it is always a great time with friends and family no matter when we go. If you go on Thursdays, though, you can partake in FAMILY NIGHT with this months theme being the IDIOTEST FAMILY NIGHT, which is lots of fun for all the family with a trivia game earlier this month, then a game show night, kidiotest and, this week coming: ACT IT OUT.

If you head on over to Old Country Buffet, or their sister chains (Ryan's, Hometown Buffet, Country Buffet) or Furr's Fresh Buffet, then you can enjoy family night on THURSDAY 30th. You will be able to follow the following week on April 6th with the theme of SPIN TO WIN!

Family Night is every Thursday between 5pm and 8pm.

This series of Family Fun Nights gives you and your kids a chance to eat dinner together, get out of the house, enjoy some great food and maybe even learn something new.

To celebrate Family Fun Night's with Ovation Brands and Furr's Fresh Buffet, we are offering one of our readers a 4 pack of guest passes to eat free at one of the participating restaurants, plus a squishy stress reliever in the shape of a brain, a snap-bracelet and a pair of brainiac play glasses for the kids to have fun with.

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Don't forget to check out Ovation Brands at their website, for more information on their eateries and friends! Thank you!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Still going strong with Nutrisystem

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to give my honest opinions. Your views may differ to mine. Thank you. 

This past couple of weeks has been very busy, and hard to muddle through. I've had appointments and visits and places to go, people to see, things to get in order and maintenance men in and out of the apartment fixing things and changing things about. It really doesn't seem like I have had enough hours in the day to think about food.

I have tried hard to stick to Nutrisystem but I hopped off to a diner for a date with my husband this past week where, all of a sudden, there I am eating a giant cheesesteak - I didn' t even think about it until after we'd left. I completely dropped the ball on that one.

I have definitely been trying overall, though, I take my shakes with me when going places and I stock up on vegetables so I know I'm not about to fall short and I was really inspired this week when I got my 10, 20 and 30lb Nutrisystem beanie bears to reflect the achievement of the weight I have lost already - I am just shy of 40lbs and it feels harder to get to that goal that it was to get anywhere near half that, but I am pumped and still trying for more.

Maintained my weight this week, but it has been that time of the month, so I am used to no losses this week, but looking forward to seeing where it lands on the next one. I am feeling great, and even the bathroom selfie isn't dead...

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Let me know how you're getting along :)