Thursday, 30 March 2017

Nutrisystem and the wall.

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This week is bitter-sweet for me and Nutrisystem. I am thrilled to still be with them, I really like the convenience of the food, and really enjoy the meals I order. I haven't lost any weight since my last post, though, and it is grinding my gears a little as I am really trying to stay on track.

I have tried to jiggle things around a bit and that helped for a while (switching breakfasts for lunch etc) but now I am at a wall again and SO CLOSE to hitting the 40lb lost mark!

I am switching out my exercise routines this week and am going to start walking the park more as the sun has finally started to make an appearance and that has put my good mood through the roof, even with the trials and tribulations I have been through over the last couple of weeks that I won't bore you with details of just yet, on this platform.

Here's a story for you - I went to buy a new sweater last week, picked it up in a 2x, it is too big, I kept it anyway, silly really seeing as it adds pounds to me that I don't need! I really aught to start buying clothes that fit and stop to think about what now fits, how and why things have changed. My shape is most definitely different and I have to think about that, too. Who knew losing weight would be so mathematical when checking out the cuts and angles on all these choices for new clothes!

Here is a photo of me in the new sweater, you can see i'm trying to pull it in at the sides, but I think it'll be a one-and-done season for this bad boy. Shame I didn't find it smaller! Everything is just too baggy now, nothing fits right and I don't know how to work with that, but I sure am trying as I go. I am definitely more comfortable in myself, in general, so that's the main thing.

Roll on positive vibes, a good couple of weeks and some progress. If you are on Nutrisystem, I'd love to hear from you.

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Let's get crackin'!


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