Sunday, 18 June 2017

Still didn't get Dad Something Yet? Gift an IOU with these...

Disclaimer: I was provided with products in order to give my opinions. Your experiences may differ to mine. Thank you.

Father's day is upon us and you will be wondering what to get dad if you haven't picked something up already - well, listen! What goes into a card better than an I.O.U for one of the following:

Davidoff of Geneva Cigars!

Great for any dad that appreciates a good cigar! Let them place an order online and wait for delivery - any time of year, but best when chosen on father's day!

American Harvest Vodka - organic craft, all american "Farm to Bottle" organic vodka for the man in your life who loves a glass or two of a nice, clear and premium vodka.  }(about $24.99 a bottle})

Trail's End Bourbon - perfect for the man who likes a sip or two of bourbon for a celebration or to unwind of an evening. Subtle and nutty aromas, light on the tongue and goes down well with cola or on its own - you won't want to miss this!

The bourbon has been my favourite for some time and I would absolutely recommend it but if you have someone in your family who woul prefer a dash of whiskey in GLENCADAM or CAMUS Borderies XO for something a little milder, nutty, smooth and ready for a quick neat sip or three! This cognac is a delightfully smooth sip that you can't say no to and cost a little penny bit is well worth it and will make your gift all that more divine.

This 21 year old ages Glencamden is a perfect drop for the dad who likes a taste of oaky goodness - smooth on the nose, soft on the tongue and ready to go down smooth with a little dash of soda - nothing too fancy, not to drown it!

If you have a husband who likes a tipple and you want to make them happy with a late and appreciated father's day gift, that IOU in their card for any one of these is going to be so appreciated and they are going o get just what they wanted!

Which will you chose for that man in your kids' lives?! Let us know! 

Happy Sipping!! 

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