Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Nutrisystem and where I am now.

Disclaimer: I was given products in order to give my best opinions of actual use and experience with the products. Your  results, opinions and experiences may differ to mine, thank you! 

So, it has been over a year since I first started on Nutrisystem and have definitely had more of a positive experience than a negative one and I would definitely have started Nutrisystem if i'd gotten a time machine, gone back to when I made the decision to start, and started again. It was worth it. 

Nutrisystem Breakfast Omelette.

I lost 40lbs in total with Nutrisystem and then hit a solid plateau, which has not gotten any better no matter which avenue I chose to take to get things rolling again - and believe me I stuck to this plan and tried everything that was suggested but with not much luck or change other than maintaining the weight once I had lost that 40lbs. 

Nutrisystem Ravioli and some veg.

Recently I was placed on some steroids, again and am now taking a new birth control pill and, since starting both of those, I have started to gain a few pounds rather than lose or even maintain and so even sticking to the plan religiously has not been helping over the last few weeks, at all. 

Nutrisystem Meatballs with some greens.

I have upped exercise, am drinking enough water, I am exercising and moving around, I am basically doing what I am told and I honestly love to eat healthy and so get all the fruits or vegetables, extras or whatever I am supposed to have and stear clear of the things I am not supposed to indulge in - heck, we just went to the fair over the weekend and didn't even touch any of the vendors other than to grab a bottle of water! 

The food on Nutrisystem has remained a constant success with me in terms of taste and I have been able to work the meals into something nice with veggies at every meal so it doesn't feel like a small portion AND builds up my daily need on those said vegetables - mostly with the veg I pick up at the farmer's market every Thursday. 

I have tried so hard on this plan, and I am even in a weight loss group with other people who are very encouraging to stay on plan, plus a separate group that helps to boost confidence and posts points when you keep up with certain aspects of losing weight (like avoiding sweets etc), yet as hard as I try the weight just doesn't seem to want to move. 

Healthy sides and snacks are easy on the plan.

I have decided that soon I will be coming off of Nutrisystem as I feel confident that I can actually keep portion sizes small and on point by myself, now and that I will be able to try and give my body yet another boost by giving other foods a try  for a while to see if that is the kick start that this annoying plateau actually needs. 

Either way, I am so grateful to Nutrisystem for allowing me to work with them and for the opportunity I have had to shift some of this weight that has been plaguing me for the longest time and to give me the confidence I needed to realize that I can do just about anything, even to lose weight, if I put my mind to it and pick myself up and get on with it. 

The left is me at over 300lbs and the right is me quite a few lbs down!

In all, I have definitely enjoyed 95% of the foods, with one or two foods not exactly the kind of food I would personally eat, but am satisfied that there was so much choice throughout the time I have been on this plan. My stand out favourite breakfast is the omelette. My favourite lunch is the white bean chicken chili and the best dinner, to me, is the fagioli. The top snack on my list are the cheese puffs and I do like the tiramisu. 

My overall opinion of Nutrisystem has been constant in that I think the choice is vast, the plan is easy to follow and if you follow it to a "T" the results that are advertised are not unrealistic. I was over 300lbs when I started this plan and I still have a lot of weight to go, but to have lost 40lbs on Nutrisystem when nothing else had previously worked is a great big hats off moment for me and I recommend at least giving them a go, even if you have tried other methods for losing weight. 

Nutrisystem gave me back a lot of confidence.

Thank you so much, Nutrisystem for showing me how to use smaller portions, how and what to eat to make a rounded meal and how to keep going through the day with the idea that keeping metabolism going through the day is a big key to losing the flab. 

My weight loss journey is ongoing and I will be keeping that in mind as I come off of some of the medications I have been taking, and trying hard to continue to eat right and exercise daily. I am more confident and happy to make better decisions and will continue to do so as I go into a new phase. 

Thanks so much to everyone for following my journey, so far - please continue to follow me to the end of my Nutrisystem one and do also let me know where you are at in your weight loss journey and what you do to kick that weight off, or maintain where you are now! I would love to hear from you! 




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Lisa said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I have been on NS over two years and lost 50 lbs. I am currently at a stand still on my weight also. I will gain 5 or so pounds then take it back off but can never get below the 50lbs loss. Im ok with that though. I am not as strict with my food intake as I know I should be to accomplish more weight loss. But Im holding. I currently am on the Nutrisystem maintenance plan. I pay 49.99 evey 6 months and order as I choose from the A la Carte menu with discounts. I always keep NS on hand but do a lot on my own. Good luck to you. You look great!