Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Shop-Rite now has NEW Post Oreo O's Cereal for your yummy snack mix!

Oreo® and the OREO Wafer design are registered trademarks of Mondelez International group, used under license. This is a sponsored post. All views and experiences with the product are my own and your views may differ. Thank you! 

We are a family that is always on the go. Whether running around town to events and gatherings or visiting with friends, I always have at least 2 children in tow and they are always on the look out for snacks and goodies in my back pack! 

Not one to disappoint, I always pack a lunch [or snacks] wherever I go and trail mixes are a popular go-to. I've also recently found that new Post Oreo O's cereal with the classic OREO® cookie taste (back from retirement) is a great addition to any snack/trail mix, after locating them in a Shop-Rite store.  

To make a tasty snack mix, we like to take some raisins, pecans, seeds and [now] NEW Oreo O's cereal, which gives it that added chocolatey crunchy goodness. We sometimes add some little marshmallows for extra soft texture, but this has been our new go-to the past week or so on our journeys around town.

All you need to do to keep your snack good is mix it up in a sandwich bag and push all the air out and seal. The snack is good to go all-day-long. If you don't generally like to buy the bags, then any little snack tub will do just fine - either way, the Oreo O's cereal is almost always the part of the mix that the kids will want to eat before anything else, so they are definitely a winner in our household! 

How to make a quick and simple trail mix with Post Oreo O's Cereal

First off, we like to add the raisins:

Then we add the nuts and seeds - we have pecans and a breakfast topper mixed seed mix for this particular round of trail mix: 

Then we add in our crunchy, tasty Post Oreo O's cereal

Sometimes we add the marshmallows, sometimes we do not - this time we ran out of space in our container and so we left those out, but they do make a great counterpart to the crunchy textures in this mix! 

Make sure you watch out for little hands, who will sneak the Post Oreo O's out of the bag, while they think you're not looking, because they oh-so looooove them! 


And there you have it! A quick, tasty snack to take with you on the go - ours will be joining us at the Farmer's Market, tomorrow, to keep the kids snack-happy until we get home! 

NOTE: If you are allowed to take nuts into school, then this trail mix would make a great back to school snack if you are looking for a new way to bring a little joy to any lunch box. You can substitute with seeds if nuts are off the menu. 

Have you tried Oreo O's cereal before, do you remember when it was first out? Does it make you feel nostalgic? Let me know how you feel about Oreo O's cereal and how you like to eat it, in the comments, below, and fine it now at your nearest Shop-Rite store - Enjoy!

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