Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Spice up your new look with a wig or hair accessory from Divatress!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine. 

If, like me, you like to have fun with your hair but don't particularly want to take the jump to a new cut without experimenting a little bit first, then Divatress might just be the company for you! 

This forward-thinking company supplies thousands of hair care products - including wigs - that are designed to adorn the heads of everyone from mom to model and back again and everything in-between. 

I recently tried on one particular wig from another company, which won't be mentioned here, and the quality was not up-to-par and there were just too many gaps in the piece that made it look so much less authentic than i'd have ideally liked. Divatress, on the other hand, has hair that looks so good that you wouldn't even realize that it's a wig unless you pointed it out to someone. 

Wigs are sometimes so underrated but if you find a good one, you can really feel comfortable with your new look and have a little fun with it without having to give up your every-day go-to. There are other perks, too - like, for instance, if you don't want to ruin your hair with color, a wig with color in it can save you from damaging your real hair and give you that spark of color that won't even fade the way hair dye does, either. It is a win-win for your new look. 

The way you look can really have an impact on the way you feel and in the way you carry yourself, so why not give a few different styles a try before committing to just the one? Wigs are for everyone and many a time it takes a lot for other people to even realize that you are wearing one - that's how good they are now. 

Divatress has definitely got a wide variety of styles and colors and there's bound to be something you would like to give a try! 

Check them out, today and keep everyone guessing on how you keep your hair so fabulous all the time. 


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